Open Source Software Consulting

Can Open Source Solutions Save Me Money?
Undoubtedly yes!

Are you tired of software licensing fees? In many cases, you could replace a significant amount of the the proprietary software in your company with open source software and save a bundle without giving up any functionality or security.

The real problem is separating the wheat from the chaff. You need someone with open source expertise to evaluate your business and point you in the right direction.

I have a wide range of experience configuring and implementing open source server, networking, and software solutions in business environments. Here’s a partial list of projects that I’ve help clients with in the past:

Firewalls & VPNs
Reliably and affordably secure your network, connect multiple offices together, and allow your employees to work remotely.

VOIP Phone Systems
Get rid of that expensive proprietary phone system and replace it with an Asterisk based VOIP system. It’s easier than you think and could save your business a LOT of money every month.

Linux and FreeBSD Servers
The Internet runs on Linux and BSD Unix servers. Linux and FreeBSD represent powerful, reliable and affordable solutions for your next file, email, web or instant messaging server.

Linux Thin Client Conversions
Did you realize that you can replace virtually all of your Windows desktops with Linux thin clients and save tens of thousands of dollars per year in OS licensing, future hardware upgrades, and administration? It’s true!

Windows Desktop Replacement
Depending on your business, you may be able to replace many (if not all) of your Windows computers with Linux desktops. Wouldn’t it be great to own computers that don’t require anti-virus software, almost never crash, easy to administer remotely, and are easy to use?

Linux Based Network Backup
Backup all of your desktops and servers to disk on a reliable and affordable Linux server using BackupPC. Restores are quick, easy, and reliable.

Customer Support Helpdesk Systems, Forums & FAQ
There is a wide range of open source trouble-ticket, discussion forum and FAQ software available for your business.

Business Blogging
You’re reading one right now! WordPress is an awesome platform for promoting your business and building your corporate website.

Content Management Systems
Joomla and Drupal are great choices for building your next corporate website. Allow your marketing department to build and edit your site without requiring constant IT supervision.

Web Content Filtering
Want to keep web borne viruses and malware off your network? Need to conserve network bandwidth? Want a log of all websites visited by users on your network? A Squid-based web cacheing proxy is just the thing for your network.