I consult in the following areas:

IT Strategy Consulting
Technology Purchasing Consulting
Web Strategy Consulting
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Consulting
Open Source Solutions Consulting
Email & Anti-SPAM Consulting
Don’t Have a CTO?
Does your business have a senior manager that functions in a CTO (Chief Technology Officer) role?

Many businesses aren’t big enough to hire a full time senior executive with IT knowledge, vision, and experience. As a result, they rely on their IT vendors and/or outsourcing company to provide them with advice on how to approach and address their technology challenges.

Your IT Vendor and/or Outsourcing Company is Biased
Most IT vendors and outsourcing companies do have your best interests at heart, but they also have an agenda because in many cases they are trying to sell you something. That’s how they pay the bills.

Is an IT vendor or outsourcing company going to recommend an open source solution that could save your company BIG money? Pretty unlikely. Yet there are hundreds of excellent Open Source solutions that could save your business a LOT of money.
Is an IT vendor or outsourcing company going to research and recommend a solution that competes with one of their product offerings or that doesn’t fall within their area of expertise? Even if it is the best solution for your needs? Probably not.
What You Need
What you need is unbiased advice from somebody who has been around the block. That person should have good technical skills, the ability to look at the big picture, posses great research skills, and the ability to evaluate ALL available options (open source and proprietary).

I Can Help
Let me put my years of IT experience and open source expertise into action for your company.